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This road may be seasonally closed

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Via Dala Gesa, 23030 Livigno, Province of Sondrio, Italy, Lombardy

Via Dala Gesa, 23030 Livigno, Province of Sondrio, Italy, Lombardy


Via Dala Gesa, 23030 Livigno, Province of Sondrio, Italy

General Route

(Partial) toll road
This road may be seasonally closed
This is a great day ride from Livigno or Bormio with some of the finest roads in the world. It is about 275k of riding, about 4-5 hours in the saddle

View Livigno- Bormio- Stelvio- Austria- Ofenpass- Umbrailpass- 275 km, 4 hours 49 mins in a larger map
OK, we start with the trip down the hill to Bormio. If we leave at a reasonable time we should have great run down the mountain and then be set for the Passo del Stelvio before all the caravans get there - the Passo del Stelvio one of the most famous biking passes in the Alps- and the 2nd or 3rd highest, depending on who you believe.
Winding up from Bormio, the western ramp has very nice surface, great corners, and stunning scenery. If it is clear, a stop at the top is almost mandatory, you can even do some summer skiing if you want. The east ramp is hairpin city, but again, stunning scenery.

When we hit the bottom we carry on north to Austria though a high mountain valley with several beautiful lakes. There are a couple of minor passes here, and what is suppose to be a great road. We carry on to Naunders, and then turn left up and over a small pass back to Switzerland. We run down another high valley until we hit Susch and follow the river south.
We then turn up the Ofenpass, one of the great riding passes in Switzerland. Mostly sweepers and some fast straights you can keep a reasonably high average speed. There are a few tighter bits but nothing compared to the Stelvio. Mostly woodland scenery and the road is good shape, well, this is Switzerland, isn't it!

For those who want a short day, they can turn off before the pass and go back directly to Livigno. For the masochists, we carry on over the pass until we get to the Pass Umbrail. This is more of a goat track than a road, but we have been there before! the Umbrail has the distinction of being the highest pass in Switzerland at 2503m and it is meant to have absolutely stunning scenery.

This pass drops down onto the west ramp of the Stelvio, and yes, we are back in Italy for those who have been paying attention. So from here it is and hour or so running up the road we started on in the morning. All most time for a cool one!

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This tour has something for everyone!
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This tour has something for everyone!

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