So, who are  we and why are we doing this? We are New media company based in London and all of us are outdoor enthusiasts. As the Boss, my passion came 1st. I have flown airplanes and gliders, driven race and sports cars, but nothing gives you a feeling of speed and pure freedom like a motorbike on the open road. I am always in search of the next best roads, things to do while on route, and the best places to stop for good food and a drink.

Now, I would be the first to admit, there are a number of resources out there for route planning, but none of them brought  together all of the elements in the way I want to do my route planning. My bet is there are huge number of riders out there that are looking for something better so we decided to do something about it.

MotoRoutes was conceived and created to make finding and discussing the best roads both easy and fun. We also bring stops into this equation as it is really nice to have a destinations that are worthy of the journey. Over the last two years, we have built what we consider the best route information and planning website on the internat. We are recruiting editors from major riding areas, who are riding enthusiasts themselves, in order to achieve consistency in editor generated reviews but still “keeping it social”, allowing for registered users to also add their favourite routes and stops as well as reviewing existing listings.

Members and editors adding route listings to the site will be able to easily include photos and videos to give the reviews much more depth. Coming features include mobile apps, social media sharing and the list goes on.

Right, these early days in our journey but we hope it makes yours more enjoyable in the future.

Happy Trails

The MotorRoutes Team